A Christmas Wish by Ann Atkins

It’s the night before Christmas, lights twinkle on houses,
as stressed out wives argue with spouses.
"Where’s the spare Sellotape I asked you to buy?""
Red faced, he almost chokes on a mince pie.
"We’ve presents to wrap and the local shop’s closed.
The Christmas spirit is open
so no driving to town!
How will we wrap the princess’s crown?"
"Don’t worry my dear I’m sure we can manage,
I’ll ask the neighbour if there’s some in his garage."""
So he pops next door where the scene is quite different.
No cards have been sent. No tree, no presents.
The old fella sits in his chair all alone,
no-one to call, there’s dust on the phone.
"I’m really sorry to bother you, mate,
but I’m in trouble with the missus, we’re out of Sellotape."
The old fella rummaged through an aged biscuit tin,
found a roll and came back with a grin.
The stressed out spouse was so happy he hugged him
And asked, "what are you doing in the morning?"
The old man frowned and shaking his head,
said, "nothing lad, I’ll probably just stay in bed."
"Then come to us please, you will be most welcome,
my wife’s bought enough food to last until Autumn."
"I wouldn’t want to intrude," the old man said.
The husband left, hanging his head.
Christmas morning, old man hears a knock at the door.
A fairy princess in a crown and sparkling ball gown,
said, "me and Mummy and Daddy want you to come round."
The old man smiled, he couldn’t refuse,
donned his coat, hat and scarf and changed his slippers for shoes.
After dinner the fairy princess asked: can I grant you a wish?
"My dear," the old man said, "you already did."

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