Faith, Hope and Love - Free Positive Images Poetry Competition

Winner Announced

Getting there    -  Dangermouse aka Scott Healy (PDF)

Runners Up

Behold the King of Cabbages    -   Martin Brown (PDF)
A Love Story   - Helen Mosley  (PDF)

Judges Choice:

Information for Attendees   -  Penny Blackburn (PDF)
A Useful Skill    -   Penny Blackburn  (PDF)
Sacrifice   -  Amy Clennell  (PDF)
Spring  -  Chris Burleigh   (PDF)
Concrete Jungle   - Milan Jagatia (PDF)
The Sunflower Seed  -  Amy Clennell  (PDF)

Other poems

Steve Denehan    Somedaay                 (PDF)
Steve Denehan    The Old Cowboy Pictures   (PDF)
Steve Denehan    Christmas in the Year of the Virus   (PDF)
Saradha Khrisnamoorthy    Hope   (PDF)
Penny Blackburn    Immersion Baptism   (PDF)
Guna Moran    Faith   (PDF)
Guna Moran    The Pet Bird    (PDF)
Becca Beale    Starry Dreams and the Planet Mars   (PDF)
Christine Stafford    I am but a Shell of What I Used to be    (PDF)
Rachel Burns    Holy Well    (PDF)
Caroline Davies    Nil Desperandum     (PDF)
Jay Joshi    Poem Called Keeping Faith    (PDF)
Judith E. Roberts    60th Anniversary   (PDF)
Judith E. Roberts    Its All Greek to Me   (PDF)
Jay Joshi    Poem about James and Pope   (PDF)
Mr Price    The Wild Woods   (PDF)
Caroline Davies    Perpetuating Love   (PDF)
Nicola Smith    (untitled)   (PDF)
Robert Zhilmor    Greta  (PDF)
Melanie Garfunkel Wakine    Its Nice to be Nice   (PDF)
Melanie Garfunkel Wakine    Faith Hope Love   (PDF)
Melanie Garfunkel Wakine    Love Archived     (PDF)
Olabisi Ishola    Faith in Love    (PDF)
Dangermouse (Scott Healy)    Toad in the Hole   (PDF)
Loraine Masiya Mponela    New Home  (PDF)
Loraine Masiya Mponela    I am Life Celebrating in Silence  (PDF)
Loraine Masiya Mponela    I Am Becoming  (PDF)
Ratnapraba Raykar    The Rain  (PDF)
Alison Manning     Expectancy  (PDF)
Andrew Sharpe    The Cost of You   (PDF)
Nishka Moghe    The Beauty Profound    (PDF)
Nicolene Kong    Faith Hope Love    (PDF)
William Davies    The Reason We Live   (PDF)
Olga Dermott    Supermarket Sweep   (PDF)
Christopher Matthews    Forget-Me- Nots    (PDF)
Luna    Invisible Silence   (PDF)
Kelvin Smith    Since the World First Begun  (PDF)
Martin Brown    Grand Daughter   (PDF)
Martin Brown    It       (PDF)
Chris Johnson    Decision   (PDF)
Joyce Jones    The Children of Yemen are Weeping   (PDF)
Joyce Jones    What Love Can Do    (PDF)
Joyce Jones    Love    (PDF)
Jo Roberts    Side by Side   (PDF)
Jo Roberts    Waiting for an Answer   (PDF)
Chris Johnson    Flood    (PDF)
Amy Clennell    The Elephant in the Classroom   (PDF)
Linda O. Moronfulu    Recovery   (PDF)
Linda O. Moronfulu    Here   (PDF)
Linda O. Moronfulu    Little Sister   (PDF)
Sandeep Virdi    Trauma v Peace   (PDF)
Christine Farn    The Stranger   (PDF)
David Copson    Mother and Son    (PDF)
David Copson      Faith Hope and Love    (PDF)
David Copson    Will Work for Food    (PDF)
Navkiran Kaur Mann    Ghost to Queen    (PDF)
Michala Gyetvai    The Real      (PDF)
Michala Gyetvai    Daffodils Smile   (PDF)
Michala Gyetvai    Last of the Innocents   (PDF)
Demi Lea Gardner    Abusive Love    (PDF)
Peter  Longden    licence    (PDF)
Peniel Gifted    Beyond the Dark Palisades of Doubt    (PDF)
CARAG (group poem)    Home    (PDF)
Simon Harrison    Love    (PDF)
Simon Harrison    Faith     (PDF)
Katalin Patnaik    Ancient God   (PDF)
Katalin Patnaik    Let There Be Meaning!   (PDF)
Kitty O’Shea    Let there Be Light    (PDF)
Seymone Charlerie    What is Love    (PDF)
Marjorie  Tavistock    Daffodil Moments    (PDF)
Martin Mellett    Shall I    (PDF)
Aamara Arif    Love    (PDF)
Aamara Arif    Hope    (PDF)
Morgan Grimm    Before    (PDF)
Anne Atkins    Artistry    (PDF)
Anne Atkins    Faith, Hope and Love   (PDF)
Helen Mosley    The Aching Fathoms of Faith   (PDF)
Paul Bowler    A Leap of Faith   (PDF)
Shoiab Ibraheene    (untitled)   (PDF)
Milan Jagatia    Four Little Eyes   (PDF)

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Publication of Poems

The Winners, Runners Up and Highly Commended and the best of the Competition entries, as agreed by the Judging Panel, will have their entries published in Chatterbox Magazine 

In addition, one entry per person, as agreed by the Judging Panel, will feature in the Poetry Competition booklet which will be available in early 2022. All the entries to the Competition will be entitled to three copies of the booklet at no charge, once the booklet has been published. The Positive Images Festival accepts no liability for mistakes made in the printing of the free booklet.

Judging Panel

The Panel will comprise three people led by the poets Emilie Lauren Jones and Kate Hills.
The decision of the Judging Panel will be nal and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the competition.


By entering your poem into this competition, you agree that your poem may be published on the Positive Images Festival Website and social media, in Chatterbox Magazine and in the printed poetry booklet. Entrants will retain the copyright of their work.