Positive Images Poetry Competition - NEIGHBOURS

Awards for the Positive Images Peace Festival Poetry Competition  2020 Neighbours

Winner:  £100
Joe Reynolds        Good Neighbours and Bad Friends (PDF)

Runner Up: £50
Olga Dermott      Betty and Her Winnebago (PDF)

Joint Third Place:  £30 each
Steve Denehan   Several Fields Over (PDF)
Russell Berry       Closed  (PDF)

Judges Choice

Yi Jung Chen                    Poco A Poco  (PDF)
Jack Cooper                     Screen of Saints and Angels  (PDF)
Joe Reynolds                   Initials Carved On a Cemetery Oak  (PDF)
Jack Kerr                          My Old Fence  (PDF)
Ojo Taiye                          Tradition  (PDF)
Amy Clennell                   Sometimes the Grass "is" Greener  (PDF)
Margaret Eddershaw      Greek Neighbour (PDF)

Poems Entered 

Aimee Morley    Neighbours (PDF)
Matt Loat    Gift of Christmas (PDF)
Jay Joshi    Everyone Needs Neighbours (PDF)
Jay Joshi    A Poem….     (PDF)
Guna Moran    Rock   (PDF)
Guna Moran    Mother  (PDF)
Guna Moran    Time Will Write….  (PDF)
Christine Stafford    The Missing Piece  (PDF)
Caroline Davies    The Boy Next Door  (PDF)
Peter Longden    …..street   (PDF)
Peter Longden    …..skin     (PDF)
Steve Denehan    Poem About Miles (PDF)
Steve Denehan    Fields Of Opera (PDF)
Chris Farn    Neighbour at Number 24  (PDF)
Oscar Munik Ssemwanga    A Good Neighbour  (PDF)
Oscar Munik Ssemwanga    Neighbours  (PDF)
Joe Reynolds    They Turned Paradise Into A Parking Lot  (PDF)
James Rose    Across The Street  (PDF)
Annette Kinsella    Parliament: Three Neighbours  (PDF)
Martin Brown    Neighbours   (PDF)
Matt Loat    No More Water  (PDF)
Judith E Roberts    Helping Hand  (PDF)
David Sutcliffe    Neighbour   (PDF)
Russell Berry    The Paramedics Daughter (PDF)
Saradha Krishnamoorthy    Neighbours   (PDF)
Peniel Gifted    Neighbours  (PDF)
Peniel Gifted    In This Small World  (PDF)
Jack Kerr    East Meets West  (PDF)
Jack Kerr    Sotto Voc  (PDF page 1) (PDF page 2)
Caroline Hobday    I Spy A ………  (PDF)
Alun Roberts    Neighbouring Pink Ladies Lament   (PDF)
Alun Roberts    Turbans and Tommies  (PDF)
Alun Roberts    We Are All Much The Same (PDF)
G. Dutt    Can I Please Borrow Some Peace (PDF)
G. Dutt    Air Quality   (PDF)
Rachel Burns    Bay Windows  (PDF)
Nick Knibb    The Old Days   (PDF)
Alan Wales    People    (PDF)
S. Afrose    Love Your Neighbour (PDF)
S. Afrose    Seeking Help  (PDF)
S. Afrose    I Love to Help People  (PDF)
Marjorie Tavistock    Converging Paths  (PDF)
Ojo Taiye    Lessons From The Parable  Of The Good Samaritan (PDF)
Ojo Taiye    What Does Being A Good Neighbour Mean  (PDF)
Hasnah Kurdi    My Neighbour  (PDF)
Kitty O’Shea    Neighbours   (PDF)
Kitty O’Shea    Neighbours 2   (PDF)
Katalin Patnaik    The Vicious Introvert  (PDF)
Katalin Patnaik    Perspective Despair  (PDF)
Katalin Patnaik    Arachnid Neighbours  (PDF)
Alison Manning    Neighbours   (PDF)
Emmanuel Erameh    Neighbour  (PDF)
Paula V Andrade    Pandemic Portraits  (PDF)
Becca Beales    A Hand To Hold   (PDF)
Emmanuel Ojeikhodian    A Conversation With The New Girl Living Next To Me  (PDF)
Emmanuel Ojeikhodion    Food As An Act Of Kindness  (PDF)
Martin Mellett    I’ve Just Moved House   (PDF)
Chris Burleigh    Our Neighbour   (PDF)
Chris Burleigh    A  Drop In The Ocean   (PDF)
Chris Burleigh    Lancashire Lass   (PDF)
Loraine Mponela    Our Neighbours Were Our Neighbours…..  (PDF)
Antony Huen    Neighbours   (PDF)
Paul Bowler    Earth and Venus   (PDF)
Paul Bowler    The South Street Frontier  (PDF)
Milan Jagatia    Road To Separation  (PDF)
Milan Jagatia    My Beloved   (PDF)
Milan Jagatia     Childhood Recalled   (PDF)
Helen Mosley    Neighbour From Hell Or ….   (PDF)
Amy Clennell    My Alfie    (PDF)
Amy Clennell    The Laundry Lament   (PDF)
Rob Gibbs    Sharing Walls  (PDF)
Olugbemi Moronfulu    Loneliness In The Time Of Covid  (PDF)
Hayley Harman   All in it Together  (PDF)

Awards Event

The Positive Images Festival annual poetry competition celebration, quality readings from poets whose work will appear in the 2020 Positive Images Festival Poetry Booklet.https://youtu.be/jQgGSKI454A

Publication of Poems

The Winners and Runners Up and the best of the Competition entries, as agreed by the Judging Panel, will have their entries published in the Chatterbox Magazine as well as here.

In addition, one entry per person as agreed by the Judging Panel, will feature in Poetry Competition booklet (PDF) which will be available early in 2021. All entries to the Competition will be entitled to three copies of the booklet at no charge.
The Positive Images Festival accepts no liability for mistakes made in the printing of the free booklet.

Judging Panel

The panel will comprise of three people led by poets Emilie Lauren Jones and Kate Hills.
The decision of the Judging Panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into, regarding the competition.


By entering your poem into this competition, you agree that your poem will be published on the Positive Images Festival Website and social media, in the Chatterbox Magazine and in the printed poetry booklet. Entrants will retain the copyright of their work.