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The Third Annual Positive Images Peace Festival Poetry Competition on the subject of Safe Places.


Young People’s  Category

Aimee Morley   “Low Low Low” (PDF)

Runner Up  
Tanya Gupta  Kaur    “Safe at Last” (PDF)

Adult Category

 Sarah Leavesley    “ Circles and Sandcastles”  (PDF)

Runner Up
Jane Chevous  “Safe Place” (PDF)

Highly Commended
Anna Bradley  “Ruth” (PDF)
Rachel Burns   “Fountains Abbey” (PDF)
David Copson   “Family Album” (PDF)
Nick Knibb    “Barbershop” (PDF)

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Young People's Category

Aimee Morley  - Friends (PDF)
Aimee Morley -Home (PDF)
Sawney – Gurdwara (PDF)

Adult Category

Anna Bradley - The Library(PDF)
Anna Bradley - White (PDF)
Alison Watson -Safe Places (PDF)
Andrew Goodison -The Strangest Fruit (PDF)
Annmarie Ruscoe - Secure and loved our little town (PDF)
Ashish Patel - I Know A Place (PDF)
Ashish A. Patel  - Navigate (PDF)
R Bala - The answer lies within (PDF)
Becca Beale – Social Anxiety A safe place inside my mind (PDF)
Ben Sweatman - Childhood’s End (PDF)
Ben Sweatman -Parent’s Pledge (PDF)
Ben Sweatman - The Little Poem of Calm(PDF)
Caroline Davies - Godiva Vision (PDF)
Christine Stafford – Beneath the Sycamore (PDF)
Daniel Flatman – The Hole(PDF)
Daniel Flatman -Sat amongst the lions (PDF)
Jack Kerr - Sanctuary Plus (PDF)
Kevin Jackson – Upheld by storms (PDF)
Kevin Jackson - Hold safe (PDF)
Kevin Jackson - Shared earth (PDF)
Kalpana Patel - The Silent Feather (PDF)
Kelly Bristow - Imagine Peace (PDF)
Kelly Bristow - My Love is…. (PDF)
M Schneider - In your arms (PDF)
Mary Courtney - Making Safe (PDF)
Maxine Burns - 1918 : NO SAFE PLACE (PDF)
Melanie Carty - Gone Fishing (PDF)
Melanie Carty – Sanctuary (PDF)
Nabeela Ahmed - My safe place (PDF)
Nazira Vania – DADDY (PDF)
Nazira Vania - SMALL WORLD (PDF)
Peter Longden – Lighthouse (PDF)
Peter Longden - …one small step for a man… (PDF)
Pippa Little - My Gathering (PDF)
Pippa Little  - Night Vision - for MR at the computer (PDF)
Pippa Little - The Thin Places (PDF)
Premjit Kaur - Safe Places (PDF)
Sarah Dixon – Home (PDF)
Sarah Dixon - How I deal with darkness (PDF)
Sarah Dixon - Access.  (PDF)
Dangermouse#  - familiar light (PDF)
Sujana Upadhyay – Water (PDF)
Sujana Upadhyay - Home (PDF)
Sujana Upadhyay - Whispering Trees (PDF)
Violet Smith - You chooseAA (PDF)


The poems will also appear in the Chatterbox magazine and will later appear in the Poetry Competition booklet.

Free booklets will be available to all entrants.
The Judging Panel included Martin Brown, the adult winner from the 2017 competition.

For more information email