Positive Images Festival


Sat - Sun, 9am - late

Our festival is about celebrating the best of Coventry’s heritage, and we couldn’t do that without its people. 2019 will be the 25th Anniversary of the festival and will run from 15th June to the 6th July.

The Positive Images Festival, which takes place every year in June, is an exciting programme of art events spread over three weeks.

What’s on offer spans genres, from poetry readings, drama, music, literature, contemporary art ex-hibitions, food and more — and embraces diversity in all its forms. 

It is the culmination of 12 months of hard work by the volunteers behind the Positive Images Festival, which is what makes our work so unique.  

But it doesn’t stop there for us – we hold other community events throughout the calendar, too. 

Every year, talent from the many, many different communities who share our great city step into the spotlight, showcasing the best of what Coventry has to offer in its diversity.

Our events are a chance to meet people from the community, to taste food, art and ideas from around the world. 

Because volunteers organise everything from the line-up to the bunting, the Positive Images Festival simply wouldn’t exist without its people.

Last year, 17,000 of you attended the annual festival. Looking forward to seeing you next time.

Download a copy of the 2019 Programme (PDF)