Positive Images Festival MEETING DATES 2023

The next Festival planning meeting will take place 1.45pm – 3.00pm Thursday 21st September in the Central Library.

You can also join by ZOOM.

Come and share your ideas at our planning meetings.

Please email if you wish to attend?

Our email:

Planning Meetings


No meetings June, July and August

21st September 
19th October
23rd November
14th December

Events for 2023

Please see the event pro-forma for events below , activities and exhibitions in this year's Positive Images Festival programme.  The Festival runs from Saturday 17th June to Saturday 8th July.   All events submitted by 31st May 2023 will be included.

 All events submitted for inclusion in the programme  will also be promoted on the Positive Images Festival website and on the Festival's social media.

Events and activities that you may be planning outside the above dates will be included if space permits.

If you have any queries please contact : 

Link to the Google form.  Please can you use this link below to submit your events etc for inclusion in the Positive Images Festival 2023 Programme and you will receive an automatic acknowledgement when you submit your event/events

The Link is below:

or fill in this form word document.

Filling in the form  - only include the sort of information you want included e.g. address, telephone number, email etc  that you wish it to be published.  If there is something on the form you dont want publicised,  you can  include such information  e.g. contact number for the Festival  but put "private"against this information.

Please fill in a separate form for each event unless you are putting on repeat events as there is a section on the form to put repeat dates and times.

Craft and Food Fair and Community Information Fair

Please see below, the link to the booking forms for this year's Positive Images Festival Craft and Food Fair and Community Information Fair  both of which take place in Broadgate on Saturday 17th June 2023,  between 10.00am and 4.00pm.  Please note the booking form for both fairs is on the same link, although the Fairs will  be in separate areas on Broadgate.

This is the first Craft and Food Fair and Community Information Fair  held since 2021 and we hope it will be  great success for all the organisations and traders taking part.   
The deadline for booking a marquee, table and chairs is 31st May 2023 but we urge traders and organisations to apply as soon as possible as we know from past experience the marquees get booked up very quickly.

This year we are holding the cost of the hire of the marquee to £70 for a full marquee or £35 each, if two organisations wish to share a marquee.  The,marquee costs remain  the same as the cost in  2019.  Details and other information are contained  in the invite letters and in the guidance attached.    Each marquee comes with a table and at least  2-3 chairs,  as part of the hire cost.  Once you submit a booking form  you will receive an automatic reply to confirm your booking.    Payment for the hire can be direct to the Positive Image Festival account or by cheque.  Details on this are  on the guidance attached  Payment must be made by 31st May 2023.

The link to the booking form is below:

Download the booking Community Information Fair form (word document)

Download the booking Craft Fair form (word document)

Please see below for an invite letter for the Craft and Food Fair and the   Community Information Fair as well as a guidance information for  either fair.

If you have any queries,  please contact me on; 

General Meeting

The Bi-Annual General Meeting of the Positive Images Festival took place by Zoom on Thursday 18th March 2021.  This meeting was was due to take place in October 2020 but  has  had to be postponed due to the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Please visit our General Meeting page for more information