Positive Images Poetry Competition - Unsung Heroines/Heroes

Coventry Peace Festival 2022 - Positive Images Poetry Competition - Unsung Heroines/Heroes

"Real courage is doing the right thing when nobody's looking” – Justin Cronin

This year’s poetry competition is a celebration of heroines and heroes across the globe who quietly do great things. Maybe there are people in your community who deserve to be recognised? Perhaps it’s a friend or even a complete stranger? Whoever they are, we want to hear about them! 

Booklet PDF to download


William Davies   - Two Old Dears  (PDF)                     

Runners Up: 

Martin Brown  -  My Grandad    (PDF)                    
Helen Mosley   - Shout Out for the Mums    (PDF)                   

Highly Recommended:

Steve Denehan   - Catherine Hettinger, Inventor of the Fidget Spanner   (PDF)                
Tamiko Dooley  - Ashiato (Footsteps)   (PDF)                  
Liz Geuken  - Lets Hear it for the Stupid People  (PDF)                          
Joe Reynolds - The Lug Worm Diggers of Romsey Marsh    (PDF)                  
Alix Scott-Martin  - The Messengers  (PDF)

Other entries

Saradha Krisnamoorthy - Unsung Heroine (PDF)
Alice Di Sotio - Champion  (PDF)
Clive Collins - Walking Wounded (PDF)
Caroline Davis - Tooth Fur and Claw (PDF)
Caroline Davies - Progress Heroes  (PDF)
Caroline Davies - Dave  (PDF)
Adam Smith - A Mother's Day is Every Day  (PDF)
Adam Smith - She is a woman  (PDF) 
Trish Page - Dunkirk - Guernica - The Bombing of Guernica (PDF
Loraine Mponela  - ode to loraine  (PDF)  
Martin Brown - My dad wasn't Nelson Mandela   (PDF)  
Martin Brown - The Decorator  (PDF)  
William Davies - Unsung heroes  (PDF)  
Tim Cleal - Alice  (PFD)  
Tim Cleal - AW  (PDF)  
Lorraine Carey - 12 Holly Grove - No Goodbye - Sunday Walks with My Father  (PDF)  
Katie Simpson - Can you take them  (PDF)  
Fiona Clark - Nastaysia  (PDF)  
Fiona Clark - Godgifu Wakes  (PDF)  
Karuna Mistry - Kudos - Because of You - My Ancestor    (PDF)  
Rebeckah Beale - sister brother  (PDF)   
Rebeckah Beale - Hairdresser   (PDF)   
Corinne Muir - Fieldwork   (PDF)  
Corinne Muir - Gaia   (PDF)  
Corinne Muir - World Changing  (PDF)   
Alison Mukherjee - Supermarket angel   (PDF)  
Peter Longden - Hero as poet  (PDF)  
Rhianna Levi - Child, There Is A Hero In You   (PDF)  
Rhianna Levi - Hello, Angels  (PDF)  
Rhianna Levi - Pebbled Teaching Forms   (PDF)  
C. Mullan - Milo the War Hero   (PDF)   
C. Mullan - Ode to my Wife   (PDF)  
Tamiko Dooley  - Kayobi   (PDF)    
Tamiko Dooley  - Shogi No Shiai   (PDF)   
Christine Stafford - My Dad   (PDF)   
Judith E Roberts - Remembered   (PDF)  
Joe Reynolds - The Spinster Widow   (PDF)  
Tim Cleal - Rosie  (PDF)   
Chris Burleigh - Miracles    (PDF)  
Chris Burleigh - Our Neighbour  (PDF)  
Lisa Millard - Little Green Pigeon   (PDF)  
Lisa Millard - No Sick Pay   (PDF)  
Lisa Millard - Wild Waters   (PDF)   
Natalie Peterson - Remy Ma - Albert Johnson - Lil'Kim   (PDF)  
Simon Harrison - Heroes and Heroines  (PDF)  
Simon Harrison - The homeless   (PDF)   
Harry Matlay - Angeles of Peace   (PDF)  
Natalie Downey - Untitled   (PDF)   
Colm Scully - The Old Soldiers of Killeens   (PDF)   
Amy Clennell - Family Bonds   (PDF)  
Amy Clennell - in the Anderson   (PDF)   
Amy Clennell - Snatched lunch break   (PDF)   
Olivia Walwyn - Lockdown Food   (PDF)  
Chris Farn - Who Are You   (PDF)   
Shanu Barclay - A unique Unsung Hero   (PDF)   
Harry Matlay - A Peaceful Christmas Tale   (PDF)   
Liz Geuken - Sometimes Heroes Are Everywhere   (PDF)   
Liz Geuken - No one special  (PDF)   
Katherine Moss - Lost Arthurian Fragments Viviane   (PDF)  
Neil Newcombe - Song of My Mother  (PDF)   
Jasmine Gillard Wilston Samuel Jackson   (PDF)   
Jehanne McGrath - Unsung Yours Truly, Tuesday   (PDF)   
David Copson - Me Mam's Mam   (PDF)   
David Copson - At The Top Of The World   (PDF)  
David Copson - Flightless Bird   (PDF)   
Kitty O'Shea - Carrying the Weight   (PDF)   
John Collins - Stella   (PDF)  
Helen Mosley - Surprised by Joy   (PDF)   
Martin Mellett - in our City Walls  (PDF)   
Alison Manning - Diligent   (PDF)  
Alison Manning - Down to Earth  (PDF)   
Alison Manning - Jig along   (PDF)   
Kia Kennedy - Savior Oh Mother  (PDF)  
Sophie Jo - 5pm voicenote  (PDF)  
Amanda Checker - Hero's Do Wear Fur  (PDF)  
Penny McCulloch - Dear Children   (PDF)  
Ann Atkins - Here's to the  (PDF)  
Maria Protheroe - Heroes of Hope and Change   (PDF)   
Maria Protheroe - Millions of Africian Heroes   (PDF)   
Jazmine Ishe - Leaving Home (PDF)   
Helen Mosley - City of light   (PDF)   
Christine Miller - Unsung - Dandelions   (PDF)   
Chris Johnson Um - How are you -A flame that never goes out   (PDF)   
Milan Jagatia - Eighty Years Young - Guardian Angels   (PDF)   
Keith Parson - The Poppy  (PDF)

Free booklets will be available to all entrants
The Judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.