Positive Images Peace Festival Poetry Competition - HUMAN RIGHTS

The Fourth Annual Positive Images Peace Festival Poetry Competition on the subject of Human Rights.

Winner: Craig  Campbell      -   Granmaw Don’t Do (Download PDF)

Runner Up:  David Copson    -    A Cry from Within (Download PDF)

Highly Commended:    
Rachel Burns           -   Death Wing (Download PDF)
David Copson          - Across the Street (Download PDF)

Judge’s Choice:
Julie Mottershead     -  The Elevated Lady (Download PDF)
Katalin Patnaik        -   The Right Haiku (Download PDF)
Caroline Davies       -  Corporal Punishment  (Download PDF)
Ella Cook                 -  The Right to be Human (Download PDF)
Jack Cooper             -  Normal Persons (Download PDF)
Maxine Burns          -  Simply Human  (Download PDF)
Scott Healy             -    What Say You (Download PDF)


Ann Atkins  -  Not a Fairy Tale (Download PDF)
Ann Atkins -   The Last Dance (Download PDF)
B. Beales -   Which Witch (Download PDF)
Blue Sun -     We are Love   (Download PDF)
Paul Bowler -  Walls  (Download PDF)
A. Clennell -  Morwenna  (Download PDF)
Ella Cook -    Look at Me  (Download PDF)
David Court -     Casual Determination (Download PDF)
Colin Dardis - Broken Prayer  (Download PDF)
Colin Dardis - This is  a man (Download PDF)
Colin Dardis - Waiting for the Bomb  (Download PDF)
L. Darran  -   They Say    (Download PDF)
A. Da Silva -  The Long Haul  (Download PDF)
A. Da Silva -  American History  (Download PDF)    
A. Da Silva -  Human Rights  (Download PDF)
Docrobin and M. Loat  -  Labelling Faux Pas  (Download PDF)
C. Davan -     What have we become  (Download PDF)
C. Dovan  -    My Blood….   (Download PDF)
ESOL Class entries    (Download PDF)
J.Goldberg  -  How do I Look  (Download PDF)
Scott Healy -  328883  (Download PDF)
Scott Healy -  Colour Blind  (Download PDF)
R. Hristova -  Four Years  (Download PDF)
T. Jackson  -  Human Rights  (Download PDF)
S. Jafri    -  On Human Rights  (Download PDF)
M. Kaur     -  Who do you think I am     (Download PDF)                                          
P. Kaur     -  Being Human  (Download PDF)
L. Kelly    -  Freedom of Expression  (Download PDF)
Nick Knibb   -   The Death of a  Talk Show Host  (Download PDF)
S. Lesley   -  Would You Lay Down  (Download PDF)
M.Loat and Docrobin  -  E. Pluribus Unum (Download PDF)
Peter Longden - Hard Hand  (Download PDF)

Helen Magley -  Oh I Wished I had Looked After My Rights  (Download PDF)
Helen Magley -  Right to Vote  (Download PDF)
Helen Magley -  Everyday Miracle  (Download PDF)
Theresa Mason - Freedom  (Download PDF)
Theresa Mason - Human Rights  (Download PDF)
Margaret Mather - Sreet Terror    (Download PDF)
Deon Matongo   -  My African Home  (Download PDF)
Neil Newcombe  - The Final Solution  (
Download PDF)
Anita Nicholls  - Human Rights  (Download PDF)
Kitty O’Shea  -  Human Rights (Global Citizenship)  (Download PDF)
P. Painter -     See me Through the Darkness of the Light  (Download PDF)
P. Painter -     See  (Download PDF)
Kalpana Patel - To Be or Not   (Download PDF)
K. Patnaik   -  Our Haiku   (Download PDF)
K. Patnaik   -  Haiku of the Sheep  (Download PDF)
S. Pennell   -  Aylans Journey  (Download PDF)
Natalie Peterson - Africa here I come  (Download PDF)
J. Reynolds   - An Unsanitary Smell   (Download PDF)
A. Roberts(Woods) - In a World that Seems not to Care  (Download PDF)
A. Roberts(Woods) - Pardigm for Lasting Peace  (Download PDF)
A. Roberts(Woods) - Surely I have Human Rights  (Download PDF)
Judith E Roberts  - Understanding  (Download PDF)
B. Scott    -    For Sale - Humanity  (Download PDF)
Christine Stafford - The Lost Child of India (Download PDF)
Susan Vernon- Yorke - Human Rights and Wrongs  (Download PDF)
Robert Zhilmor  -  Human Rights Convention (Download PDF)


Publication of Poems

The winner, runner up and highly commended and best of the rest selected by the Judging Panel, will have their entries published in the Chatterbox Magazine and all entries will be published on the Positive Images Festival website.
In addition, all the entries will feature in a Poetry Competition booklet which will be available in early 2019. All entrants to the Competition will be entitled to three copies of the booklet at no charge once the booklet has been published.

Judging Panel

The Panel will comprise of three people including the winner of the 2018 Peace Festival Poetry Competition. The decision of the Judging Panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.